19 Julai 2014

Haji Muhammad Saeed Saeed Statement

Haji Muhammad Seed Aian
(PLF )Urges To take serious action Those Responsible for Downing MH17.
(PLF) express shock over the downing of Malaysian Airline Flight MH 17

Haji Muhammad Seed Arian Founder/Secretary General, Ms Atia Saleem Chairperson,Mrs Asaf F vardag President Waheed Ahmad Ch Legal Advisor strongly condemned the killing of 298 Innocent Passengers on Malaysian Air Line crashed in eastern Ukraine and demanded that, those responsible should be brought to justice and hang them open place
They Send Condolence Message to the Families of the 189 Passengers of Netherlands 44 Malaysian,27 Australian,12 Indonesain,10 United Kingdom 4 Germany,4 Belgian 3 Philippines 1 Canada and 1 New Zealand.

They are deeply concerned that the crash site hasn’t been properly secured. Integrity has been compromised. "Any action that prevents us from learning the truth about what happened cannot be tolerated. It will be a betrayal for lives that were lost. "MH17 has become a geopolitical issue, but it is still a human tragedy. They called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine so that an international investigation can be carried out
They also send message of Condolence to the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and called for an enquiry to find out the Culprit those who caused the flight MH17 crash. 

They send condolences to the family members of the passengers and crew. Its a very tragic year for Malaysia. They demanded the UN and the US will do something about this act which is against the Law The person behind this act must be brought to justice and compensation must be made out to this families. The incident has also brought down MAS carrier of this country.
(Haji Muhammad Seed Aian)
Founder/Secretary General
Pakistan Lbaour Federation (PLF)
Affiliated with
World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)