08 Ogos 2014


Statement by Alexandra Liberi, WFTU Spokesperson
Athens, Greece - 7/8/2014

“ITUC's Campaign for Gaza is a hideous joke”

After the video depicting Israeli Zionists demonstrating with slogans cheering: "There is no school tomorrow; there are no children left in Gaza" there is little left to say about the imperialist onslaught of Israel against the Palestinian people. 

Only anger and indignation can be uttered. Anger and indignation that must definitely give their place to organized struggle and active protestation against this genocide implemented by the Israeli Government and Army and fully backed by the imperialists, USA and the European Union.

All people, workers and trade union Organizations have to take clear position by the side of the Palestinian people. 

The "equidistance" of the International Organizations such as the United Nations has provided Israel with enough space to act without consequences making them “accomplices to murder”. 
The shameful role of the ITUC has to be denounced as well.

It continues to speak about "excessive" and "disproportionate" attacks continuing to provide grounds for the Zionists to kill innocent children and civilians claiming that the numbers are only making it more cruel than accepted!

The numbers silence all Israel's defenders. The truth is there are about 70 Israeli soldiers-intruders killed during the latest attacks while 2,000 innocent Palestinians were killed in their homes, their schools, their hometowns.

The launching of a "humanitarian campaign for those affected by the situation in Gaza" by ITUC and its Global Unions at the same time when they have yet not apologized for supporting the imperialist attacks against the people of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, when they continue to blame both the "perpetrator" and the "victim" of the Israeli occupation, when they continue to accept in the leading position of the Vice-President, the Zionist Histadrut it can only be called a hideous joke.

A genuine action and an action of significant symbolism would be to sanction Histadrut from all international trade union activity.

As well as all trade union Organizations and people's Organizations have must act in order to press the governments of their countries to seize all relations with Israel, act to strongly protest against the Israeli attacks, demand the end of the occupation and settlements and act to express their firm moral and practical solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Once again we all have the duty to demand from the United Nations to stop the hypocrisy and implement its many resolutions that talk about an independent, democratic Palestinian State with its own borders and Jerusalem as its capital. This is the position of the class-oriented trade union movement with the WFTU in the frontline. [end]